Ever Evolving Limited Ethical Fashion

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Previously based out of Vancouver, Canada and more recently Montreal. Oneiro is a small scale clothing line originally inspired by festival culture bridging the gap between it and urban streetwear. Striving to source as much ecological and organic fabric as possible and working with small family run tailor businesses in Bali, Oneiro strives to reduce any kind of negative impact the clothing could have on the world.

Oneiro is a small batch and one-of-a-kind evolutionary clothing line. Every year or so new designs are put out in small quantities and then sold. To ensure the freshness and uniqueness of designs often times there will only be one or two production runs of one design making most items limited edition.

Recently, Julie, the owner and operator of Oneiro began doing more hand made unique designs often made up of up-cycled clothing or second hand material to further reduce Oneiro's footprint as being part of the fashion industry and be able to explore design and creation more freely.

Now Oneiro is a mix of hand-made/upcycled in Montreal, Canada and produced ethically in small batches in Bali.

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