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An Informational Guide to Ordering Made-to-Order and Custom Designs

Made-to-Order Information and Questions:

What is made-to-order?

Made-to-order means that each time an order is placed, the item is made after the order is placed specifically for that person based on their measurements to ensure the right fit.

Why made-to-order?

Benefits of made-to-order shopping is that the item is made specifically to your sizing which is great because no two bodies are the same which makes standard sizing frustrating for some people. It also ensures that there are no items made and then wasted like in the production based system. Wait times to receive items are slightly longer but worth it for the perfect fit and lighter impact on the environment from the (me) manufacturer.

How to measure?

Each made-to-order item will have an image in the listing indicating where to measure as well as a description of how best to measure but here is a descriptive list of all body measurements:


-Arm Length: From neck to wrist with arm down.

-Top Length: From in between collar bones on front of body down to length of top.

-Bust: Measure around torso at widest part of boobs.

-Underbust/Ribs: Measure around torso just under boobs.

-Waist: Measure around smallest part of torso usually near the belly button where you would wear a high waistband.

-Rise: From lowest point of crotch to belly button.

-Bodysuit length: From top of shoulder where a bra strap would sit slightly diagonally across to lowest point of crotch.

-Waistband Hips: This measurement is used for unisex style bottoms and overalls where the pants sit lower. Measure around hip bones or where you like lower waist bands to sit.

-Hips: Often confused with the previous measurement. Measure around WIDEST part of butt which is often lower than people think to measure.

-Thigh: Around widest part of thigh

-Calf: Around Widest part of calf

-Ankle: Around ankle just above ankle bone

-Inseam: From crotch to ankle bone on inside of leg

-Outseam: From just under hip bone to ankle bone on outside of leg


-Arm Length: From neck to wrist with arm down.

-Chest: Around torso at widest part of chest.

-Waist: Around hip bones or close to where the waistband of pants usually sits.

-Thigh: Around widest part of thigh.

-Calf: Around Widest part of calf.

-Ankle: Around ankle just above ankle bone.

-Inseam: From crotch to ankle bone on inside of leg.

-Outseam: From just under hip bone to ankle bone on outside of leg


Step 1:

Choose design/listing you would like to base your custom off of. Tweaks and changes and personalizations can be made to the existing design.

Step 2:

Choose fabric/s from options already available in charts in listings or message/e-mail me to request not yet availabe fabrics if you have something specific in mind. Mock-ups can be made with fabric choices for visual aid upon request. Once it is confirmed that there is enough of an existing fabric or I can find what you are looking for alternatively you can move on to step 3!

Step 3:

Place order through original listing or listing given if we have spoken and decided to make you a custom listing. Make sure to include ALL measurement required(see image included inlisting for where to measure) as well as any specifications on fit such as oversized, tighter fitting,larger pockets, additional zippers and more!

Step 4:

Wait! Custom and made-to-order purchases can take up to 14 days to ship if I already have the fabric on hand and up to 45 days if I have to order fabric for you. However your item will be made just for YOU so it's worth it!

Thank you for supporting this small business!