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Ever Evolving Limited Edition Small Batch, Up-cycled/Recycled, Custom and Made-to-Order Styles

Oneiro is run by a sole proprietor, creator, and designer Julie. Originally, designs were made in small batches by a couple of family tailors and small sized factories in Bali, Indonesia. After a handful of years of overseas production, feeling the need to have more sustainable and eco-responsible business practices in an industry that is known as one of the worlds biggest pollutants, all production and as much fabric sourcing as possible was moved home which is now located in Montreal, Canada.

The current business model focuses on very small batch production, all made by hand locally by Julie, of one-of-a-kind, up-cycled and second hand fabric designs as well as custom and made-to-order designs to ensure there is no waste in creating clothing that will never be purchased and potentially go to waste. All fabric is sourced locally or as close as possible to home, organic and/or second hand when possible. Pattern pieces are cut individually and not stacked to save/use as much of the fabric as possible and larger scraps are saved and used for up-cycled designs whereas smaller scraps are passed down to other small businesses which make scrunchies and other small items.

The originally music festival inspired styles have over time slowly evolved to become hybrid and multi-purpose clothing. With both comfort and uniqueness in mind most, if not all, designs can be dressed up or dressed down to suit many occasions.

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